Landlord Cleanup Services

Let us take away the stress of handling a distressed and or empty property.

There are many reasons a clean out service may be needed, the passing of a loved one, downsizing to a smaller home, placement of family members into a care facility, moving, Or purchasing and/or selling of a distressed property.

We will remove all unwanted items including furniture, household goods and trash from top to bottom and even surface clean the property to help make it ready for sale / rent.

We will remove discarded belongings left behind by tenants as well as remove and haul away any trash from the interior of the property.

We’ll ┬áremove trash and debris left in exterior structures of the property including detached garages, sheds, and other buildings.

We work with all types of individuals who need clean out services; attorneys, real estate agents, property owners, family members or individuals.

We have experience in the building Maintenance / janitorial and construction Industry. We are a family owned and operated business focusing on junk removal from and cleaning of your property in a manner that protects your assets and gets you the most for your Investment. Please consider us for your next investment property that is in less than perfect shape.

Junk Removal in Mesa AZ

Junk Removal in Mesa AZ

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